Professional Billiards Association
대한민국을 대표할 글로벌 프로당구투어

About PBA

Introduction to PBA

Lead of Billiards in the World

PBA (Professional Billiards Association) of Korea

PBA will lead the development of global professional billiards with the world's best players, finest infrastructure, and world's one and only billiards specialized TV channel, Billiards TV.

  • with the World's Best

  • Continuous growth of
    the billiards population

  • A sport that everyone
    can enjoy

  • Consuming 80% of
    global billiard
    equipment sales

  • World's one and only billiards
    specialized TV Channel &
    higher viewer ratings compared
    to other professional sports

Directions to PBA

  • CAR

    Via Car

    Address 458, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


    Via Subway

    Line No710 minutes walk from line #7, Exit 8 of Cheongdam Station

    12 minutes walk from line Suin–Bundang, Exit 3 of Apgujeong Rodeo

  • BUS

    Via Bus

    Local3011 4212 4412 4419 3414 3426 6411

    Intermediary301 342 472 145 440 141 242 401

    Express3600 9407 9507 9607