PBA Pre-Registration Period Ended with Total 50 Players Making their Way Directly to the PBA Division 1 Tour

date 2019-05-15       hits 50

-28 Korean Players including Dong-koong Kang, Hyung-kon Kim, Hyun-min Seo

-22 International Players including Frederic Caudron, Eddy Leppens, Filippos Kasidokostas

-Professional PBA Player List scheduled to be officially announced on no later than 21st of May

PBA (Commissioner Young-soo Kim) announced the results of Pre-registration on May 14th. According to PBA, total 50 players have applied for the Pre-registration seed and was given direct tickets to the <PBA Division 1 Tour>.

Among 41 list of Korean players seed, 28 players including Dong-koong Kang, Hyung-kon Kim, Hyeon-min Seo, Keon-hwi Cho have announced to participate in the PBA, showing up to 70% participation of the seed list. In case of international players, 22 players including Frederic Caudron, Eddy Leppens, Javier Palazon, Filippos Kasidokostas have completed their PBA Pre-registration process.

International players from total 14 countries are participating in the <PBA TOUR>: Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Colombia, Denmark, France, the USA, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, and Korea

PBA staff said “We sincerely thank the players who have applied for the Pre-registration process. We are in the process of professional player registration process for 48 players from the PBA Tryout and the Pre-registration applicant players. As we have already announced, those who will be joining the PBA TOUR for vacant seats, according to the alternative numbers, will be given notice individually for the registration process.”

PBA will officially announce the PBA professional players list after completing the PBA player registration process for the seeded players, qualifiers from the PBA Tryout, and players with alternative numbers. Players may have opportunities to participate in the Division 1 Tour if there are vacant seats, or if there are sponsor recommendation seed. Also, all 2019 PBA Tryout participants are given PBA Division 2 Tour participation qualification.

Chairman of PBA Tour Operation Committee, Do-yeol Nam, said with great expectation that “PBA Division 1 Tour will be totally different from the games before. All players equally start from round of 128 solely depending on their performances. I believe the real 3-cushion Champion will be born in the <PBA TOUR>, what all billiards people have been dreaming of.”