PBA Holds for Non-professional Female Players on May 19th

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PBA Holds <Open Challenge> for Non-professional Female Players on May 19th

* Holding Open Challenge for Non-professional Female Players on May 19th
* Certain Number of Participants will be Given LPBA Qualification

PBA (Commissioner Young-soo Kim) is holding the <LPBA Open Challenge> on May 19th for non-professional female billiards players who wish to make it to the LPBA Tour.
PBA will simultaneously hold the PBA Division 1 Tour and the LPBA Tour from June
Total 8 Tours for the LPBA is scheduled to be held, with total prize money of 30 million KRW, winner prize money of 15 million KRW. For the season final tour, total prize money is 40 million KRW and winner prize money is 20 million KRW.
PBA plans to draft certain number of players through evaluating players’ performances, and they will be officially announced as LPBA Professional Players after official registration process.
Non-professional female billiards players who are interested in becoming professional billiards players may download the application form on the PBA website and submit it to pbatour@pbatour.org until Thursday, May 16th. Entry fee is KRW 30,000 and payment method will be informed to the applicants.

*Event : LPBA Open Challenge
*Date : Sunday, May 19th, 2019
*Location: Seoul National University of Education Kimchi Billiards Club (277, Kiyoung Building Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea / 02-537-5999)
*Host : PBA

*Game Rules 
- Tournament or League
- 15 Points System (Limiting to 35 innings)
- Practice Time: 3 Minutes
- Competitors who does not show up for five minutes after the referee declares the start of the game / at the end of the training queue will be abstained.
- All problems during the game will be final-handled by the PBA.
- Dress Code: Polo T-shirt, Denim Pants, Dress Slacks Preferred (NO Sandals and Heels)
- Game system is to be decided according to the number of applicants, after application is closed.

*Number of Players to Draft 
-Certain number (00 players) of players will be drafted according to the performance and records (such as average)