PBA Soon to Start its Big Run in June, after PBA Inauguration Ceremony!

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PBA Soon to Start its Big Run in June,
after PBA Inauguration Ceremony

* <PBA & Commissioner Young-soo Kim Inauguration Ceremony> on May 7th at Seoul Millennium Hilton Hotel
* Plans to hold 8 Tours in Division 1, 10 Tours in Division 2, 8 Tours in the LPBA in Season 2019-20
* Celebration Message from MR 100 Raymond Ceulemans, and Billiards Stars such as Dong-koong Kang and Yu-ram Cha Also Show Up

PBA (Commissioner Young-soo Kim) is holding the <PBA & Commissioner Inauguration Ceremony> on May 7th at Seoul Millennium Hilton Hotel, announcing the start of the era of Professional Billiards.

Young-soo Kim, appointed as the Commissioner of the PBA on this day, has expressed his ambition by saying, “We will provide firm infrastructure for billiards players to be proud professionals as careermen, and hope that the PBA contributes to job creation and billiards industry market extension, and our goal is to ultimately create the K-Billiards Culture on the basis of Korea’s very first global tour, <PBA TOUR>. Also, for the cooperation of the billiards parties, we will endeavor to converse and negotiate with the UMB (Union Mondiale de Billards) and KBF (Korea Billiards Federation) for the mutual existence of professional and amateur.”
On the day of the ceremony, many billiards stars such as Dong-koong Kang, Mi-rae Lee, and PBA Honorary Ambassador Yu-ram Cha have presented themselves to celebrate the start of professional billiards. Many events were held, including celebration messages from the 3-cushion legend Raymond Ceulemans of “MR 100,” sports stars and other public figures.

PBA announced its schedule for Season 2019-20: 8 Division 1 Tours, 10 Division 2 Tours, 8 LPBA Tours.
PBA Division 1 Tour will give out total prize money of 250 million KRW for Division 1 Tour, 7 regular tours of winner prize money of 100 million KRW, and final competition where players will be competing for the prize money of total 400 million KRW and the winner prize money of 300 million KRW.
PBA Division 2 Tour will consist of 10 tours of total prize money 40 million KRW, and the winner will be winning the prize money of 10 million KRW.
PBA for Ladies, LPBA, will consist of 7 regular tours of total prize money of 30 million KRW, winner prize money of 15 million KRW, and the top players who make it to the round of 16 will be participating in the final competition, where the winner will be winning the prize money of 20 million KRW and total prize money will be 40 million KRW.
Total prize money of 2.15 billion KRW for Division 1 Tour, 400 million KRW for Division 2 Tour, 250 million KRW for LPBA in the Season 2019-20, and this totals up to 2.8 billion KRW for the whole season.

Meanwhile, changes in the main game rules of the PBA Tour have also been announced. Major change is that the PBA Tour will be using the set system instead of the point system. In the preliminary league of rounds of 128 and rounds of 64, the competitions will be done in the <PBA Survival System>, and from rounds of 32 to the final, set system will be used.
Also, for heated and lively competitions, PBA decided to get rid of the equalizing inning, and it has also implemented new rules for the break shot system to differentiate itself from other events.
The biggest change in the rules is the 2 points system for the banking shot. Only 1 point was given to all scoring shots, but in the PBA Professional League, 2 points can be earned by the banking shots.

Meanwhile, PBA will confirm the player list of total 128 players in the Division 1 Tour. The list will be of 48 qualifiers from the PBA Tryout and the Pre-Registered players, and empty seats will be filled in with the alternative numbered players from the PBA Tryout.
<LPBA Open Challenge> is also scheduled to be held for the non-professional female players on May 19th, and the finalized list of LPBA Professional Players will also be publicly announced when the players are done with the professional player registration process.

[Major Plans]
May 13th (Monday): Deadline for Pre-Registration Period for both Korean and International Players
May 19th (Sunday): Ladies Open Challenge (For Non-professional players)
May 21st (Wednesday): Official Announcement of Registered Professional Players List
June 2nd (Sunday) ~ June 7th (Friday): PBA Division 1 Tour and LPBA Opening
July 5th (Friday) ~ 7th (Sunday): PBA Division 2 Tour Opening