The First-ever PBA Tryout Successfully Completed

date 2019-05-03       hits 47

The First-ever PBA Tryout Successfully Completed

* 11 days of heated competition completed successfully!
* 48 qualifiers for the PBA Division 1 Tour decided.
* <PBA and Commissioner Young-soo Kim Inauguration Ceremony> Held on Tuesday, May 7th

Past midnight of May 1st, PBA has successfully completed its 11 days of big run, with its 48th (which is the last) qualifier for the PBA Division 1 Tour. There are two reasons why we can say that the PBA Tryout was “successful.”

First, is the participation rate. 317 out of 331 applicants have showed up for the heated competition, showing 96% of the participation rate.
Second, is the sincere and honest attitude the players have shown in the PBA Tryout. It was proven that players were longing for professional billiards, as they did not give up and most of them showed up for every round even when they lost in the 1st and 2nd rounds.
Kyu-sik Kim, Billiards TV commentator who has broadcasted the PBA Tryout LIVE, said “Players were not only serious but even solemn about the PBA Tryout. We could find out players desire for the professionalization of billiards.”

There were many interesting stories as well. The eldest challenger Sung-chool Jang making it to the Division 1 Tour was a big issue. Also, all four “Young Guns” including Jung-ju Shin, a singer, sprinkler truck driver, former professional cyclist, and etc. making it to the Division 1 Tour also made the PBA Tryout interesting, as a lot of players are from different careers and backgrounds.

Do-yeol Nam, the director of this PBA Tryout, said with high hopes “At the beginning of the Tryout, it seemed like the players were too nervous to perform well with high average. However, as they adjusted to the stadium and the table, they showed outstanding performances, just as good as the seeded players. When the professional tour begins, both Korean and international rankings will not be a big deal. PBA will be the standard of billiards, and the true 3-cushion champion will be created in the PBA Tour.”

There is still possibility for players who are not included in the qualified 48 player list to be able to participate in the PBA Tour, as they will be given alternative numbers from the performances they have shown in the 1st~3rd round of the PBA Tryout. Alternative numbers will be decided and announced after going through the Tour Operation Committee’s examination process. Also, PBA Division 2 Tour participation qualification will be given to all the players who have participated in the PBA Tour.

The 48 qualifiers from the PBA Tryout and some players from alternative numbering will be officially registered in the PBA after going through the professional player registration process after May 13th when the Pre-registration period is over. PBA added, “as we have already announced, winning the PBA Tryout does not mean the players are becoming professional players right away. They will have to go through the official process of submitting the registration document, pay season registration fee, and then the public announcement will be made by the PBA on the registration of the professional player registration. The announcement is scheduled to be made on May 21st.”
Meanwhile, PBA is holding the <PBA and Commissioner Young-soo Kim Inauguration Ceremony> on May 7th, 11 am at the Grand Ball Room of the Millennium Hilton Hotel. 30 minutes before the main event starts, there will be a 30-minute press conference for the Commission Young-soo Kim, where he will be announcing details of the Season 2019-20 PBA Tour starting in this June.